Week 10: Chicago

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. This past weekend turned our pretty well in the shopping aspect, especially for going to Chicago. Everything I purchased was made ethically or vintage. I discovered some very cool shops and stores and am excited to share with you guys what I got.

So this past weekend, my club associated with my major (FDMA), visited many brands that are either made in Chicago, or ethically produced somewhere else. So I go a pair of Henry & Bell jeans (originally retailing for $200) for $10!! Yup, that’s what I like to call a steal. Then I shopped around and made my next purchase at a Vintage store called Ragstop, located in Wickerpark. I got a denim skirt, and grey crop top for $30.

Great deals all around! Though I did shop at stores like Forever 21, Top Shop, and H&M, I didn’t find anything that I wanted to buy or that I liked enough to pay for. Either I was being more frugal than usual, or my subconscious would not let me purchase anything.

Anyways, I’m still staying on track guys. Hopefully you all are too?

Until next time loves,




Week 9: Looking Ahead

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! Its been an insanely hectic week, and alas, I have no report for you. I did not go shopping, nor did I buy anything. While this past week was fairly mundane, I’m looking forward to some upcoming events going on.

Firstly, this weekend I am going to Chicago with my college club FDMA. We’re touring around the city, stopping at fashion businesses whom produce their clothing in the US or have very sustainable methods of manufacturing garments. A few stops are Dearborn Denim, Henry & Bell, and a handful of other places over the weekend. Chicago is a shopping mecca, but I’ll try to stick to vintage/second hand clothing. I’ve hear there are some really cool shops with vintage couture that I MUST check out. As you know updates will be posted.

Secondly, my sorority has a formal coming up. Typically I would find a semi-cheap, semi-cute dress and wear it once. This time however, this time I plan on trying something new. Its called Rent the Runway! I’ve never used the service before but I’ve heard positive review on it. I got on the site a couple weeks ago to check it out and they have great designer brands that you can rent for days at a time. Again, will have to update some pictures later on!! I’m sure I’ll talk about it again too.

Well that s the rundown this week folks! See you next week!


Week 8: Halloweek

Hey guys!! Welcome back to my blog for this spooky edition tracking what I did not spend. Oh wait? Yes, you heard me correctly. Did. Not. Spend!! We made it through the no shopping month. We weren’t unscathed but we’re here, and we’re talking about HALLOWEEN. For the record, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the musical theatre nerd that loves the makeup, costumes, and characters. Since we weren’t allowed to spend, I borrowed everything for Halloween.

Night 1: I went out as a Dad and this costume was super funny to me. I wore this Iowa State Dad shirt (previously pictured in one of my earlier posts, sorry I didn’t snap one for you guys) with jeans, tennis shoes, a hat, and tools to boot. This one was comedic more than anything and I got some good laughs from people.

Night 2: I went out as a Devil. I borrowed a red, patent leather skirt and some devil horns for the bars. I did mostly red shades on my eyes with some black in the corners to darken the look! (Jaclyn Hill eye shadow pallet, you haven’t failed me yet!! Also, so far this is my most liked picture on Instagram)

Night 3: I got very creative and saw this done on Pinterest. I cut a box of cereal and covered myself in fake blood (my friends were vampires and they had plenty to spare). Cereal Killer. People did come up to me and ask if I was Special K Cereal, but when I told them I was a cereal killer, their faces were priceless.

Night 4: the last night of Halloweek I was one of my favorite musical characters. I went as Sandy from Grease. I surprisingly had everything to make this look (peep the pink motojacket from week 5’s binge). It was very cold that day, so my outfit was perfect.

Welp, no shopping month is over. Can’t say I’m sad but we’re on to our vintage finds. This next month might be my favorite.

Until next time,


Week 7: Big Little

Hey guys! I missed you last week. It was a crazy one for sure, but I’m back. Last week I didn’t do too badly! I went to Ole Miss for a football game and a Jesse McCartney/ T Pain concert, both which I didn’t buy anything for!! Very proud of myself, especially after the week 5 fiasco. This week though, its been hard. This week is big/little reveal for my sorority, Chi Omega. To explain it for those of you who have no idea about Greek life: Each year we recruit and get a new pledge class of girls. I’m older than the new members so we hang out with them, and are assigned different girls throughout the process. After a while, we choose a little; a girl we mentor and are close with. This week we found out who our littles are, and we have whole week of giving them gifts and clues, then we reveal who we are!! So far I haven’t bought any clothing (just candy and craft supplies)…but I’m debating it. Most girls buy a matching big/ little themed shirt. I always have wanted to do that but I’m broke and can’t buy clothing for this shopping sabbatical.

I might make something…. We’ll see. I’ll update this post with pic of what I come up with.

Until next time guys, also have a spooky Halloween and best of luck borrowing costumes!


Update: I actually ended up using a plain old t-shirt I had and iron on paper. I made my own Gossip Girl themed shirt by designing a logo saying “You know you love me… XOXO, Little,” and I dressed as Blaire Waldorf to complete the theme. While it was very last minute, and not the best I could have come up with, my little seemed to love it and I’m glad she got something to remind her of the night.

Week 5: Not Off to a Good Start…

Sooooo…. Well its week one of no spending and I did the complete opposite. I DIDN’T EVEN MAKE IT ONE WEEK. Guys, it wants just one thing either, it was a full blown shopping spree ($200). I have never been so ashamed or embarrassed, but here I am. Okay, I do have a few explanations to defend my actions, and you guys are going to love what I got, but yeah…not a proud moment.

Hmm where to start? Well I guess I’ll start by saying it all happened when I went home to work for the weekend. I work at Michael Kors and we were having an additional %25 off sale items, and I as an employee get another %25 off of the that discount, so you can’t blame me for buying $125 shoes for $23, right? Like come on that’s a steal! You’d be insane not to buy them for that price. Well the Oyster Trent sneakers inspired me to have a completely new fall wardrobe…

While working, my boss came back form her break with an Express bag and news of a store wide, 40% off, sale. That, my friends, was truly motivating. I went the next day and got this oversized sweatshirt dress, with bell-sleeves, and a cow neck collar (originally $70, paid $40). I’m not exaggerating when I say I could live the rest of my life in this dress; seriously the most comfortable, stylish garment in my entire wardrobe right now, no joke. I also got these black slacks that pleat at the waist band, with a tie belt. SO CUTE!

I stopped by American Eagle, got a shirt for $10 and Victoria Secret had 7 for $27that weekend; enough said.

Last and certainly not least, I stopped by TJ Maxx. I will swear by this saying until the day I die, it goes something like “You do not walk into to TJ Maxx looking for something you need, you let TJ Maxx show you what you need.” By this point, I was satisfied with my purchases, but I love TJ Maxx so I decided to check it out. By ‘check it out,’ I obviously mean I actually checked out at the register with $80 of clothing. I got two sweaters (made of blanket material), a pink velvet moto-jacket, and a top. While I did get a good amount of product for my money, it was just shameful how frivolously I was spending.

I guess I can justify my spending by saying I had not shopped for the season yet, and fall is the most essential season to update your wardrobe. All of these items will be used frequently and some even up-cycled for Halloween costumes, though thats a little while away, I already have a few ideas planned.

Until next time with more money, hopefully,


Week 4: Viva Los Vegas


This week was little different than the average, which I think many people can agree upon. Though I am hundreds of miles away, Los Vegas, Nevada experienced the deadliest mass shooting in US history this week. I am deeply somber, as this event effected hundreds of lives, for seemingly no reason.

I know this blog is essentially a log of my shopping habits, but the only thing I put my money toward this week was donating to the victims of this terrible attack ($5). Though it may not seem like much, its money that can help a family or victim with medical bills, counseling, or funeral expenses.

I will attach the link below.

Until next time,



Week 3: The Other ISU


This past week I’ve been monetarily cautious. I’m trying to save money for other adventures like an upcoming trip to Chicago; and even one to Disney next spring. That being said this free spirit decided to fly (drive) to Iowa State for the weekend. Honestly, spending less than $100 while traveling anywhere is impressive, and I ACOMPLISHED IT!! Thank you for the applause, but let me break down the money that I did spend. The largest amount that I spent was on food! *pretends to be surprised* Iowa State has some pretty good food, and it was well worth my money ($45). The next thing, and probably the most obvious expense, was gas ($43). I did ride with my best friend Ellen, and we split the cost the way there and back; that definitely helped a bit. My last, and favorite expense is pictured above. This awesome shirt ($8) was so fun to cut up and wear around. Ellen and I got many compliments on our twinning, dad shirts; and we LOVE them.

So, to sum things up, we traveled and had so fun, making every dollar spent so worth it.

Until next time guys,


Week 2: Makeup Obsessed


(Pictured: Jaclyn Hill; a US makeup artist and YouTube sensation)


(Pictured: Ciate London Glitter Flip Liquid Lipstick Line)

This week I’ve been addicted to the beauty portion of the retail industry. I invested both of these products for numerous reasons, but I understand many of you need a little background to these purchases. So here it is:

I’ve been watching YouTube videos since I was 12, and makeup tutorials on YouTube since I was 16. One of the people whom I have fo

llowed since my beginning in make up is Jaclyn Hill. She got her start on the internet my making videos reviewing products and creating tutorials of gorgeous makeup looks, for all occasions. Recently, Jaclyn paired up with one of my favorite makeup brands, Morphe. Murphe is a California based cosmetics

company well known for their eye products and brushes. Jaclyn and Morphe created an eyeshadow palette together , which they debuted very successfully this summer. They’ve restocked the product about 4 or 5 times, and guys…. I FINALLY GOT ONE ($48 with shipping)! The product has 35 gorgeous shades and I could not be more excited to be getting in the mail this next week.


My next makeup obsession has been going viral all over Instagram and other beauty social media platforms. Known as a magical makeup product, Ciate London’s Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks are exactly what their name would lead youth believe. This lipstick goes on with a slightly shimmery hue, then after it dries, the wearer pressed their lips together and GLITTER appears. I’ve seen multiple makeup reviews on this product (Yes, on YouTube) and decided I must have it. Guys, I’m not kidding when I say it took me absolutely forever to track this stuff down. It is available at Sephora and I called 3 different locations, talked to 8 different people, and waited on the phone for 30 minutes total to find out it was SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE…. I even looked online to find my desired shade to be sold out. I didn’t know if I would be able to own this product at all. But alas, I called Sephora in Springfield, IL, and they said they had a few but only one in my shade (Hollywood, $20).


It has been a pretty exciting week as I have wanted these products for months. Now that I finally have them, I’ll get to enjoy them for way longer than that.

Who knows, I might update this post with a makeup look using both products!

Until then, I’ll see you guys next Tuesday,


Week 1: Bid Night Buys

This week was bid night for Greek life at ISU! As a Chi Omega getting new members, I knew I had to be prepared. I bought most of this outfit for the occasion. The only thing own prior was the pajama pants; the owl slippers ($10), the sleep mask ($3), the bid night shirt ($15), and not pictured is the owl slippers I bought for one of our new members ($10).

Bid night for ISU involves themes making it essiential to buy new things to contribute to the theme. Proceeding bid night was recruitment, which also required purchasing a few items. I bought a new dress to wear throughout the week, but I only bought one. Though some people bought multiple dresses, I was lucky enough to have friends whom lent me pieces.

Though I spent a bit of money, I could have definitely spent more. Being a week long, recruitment is a circumstance where many people go all out, and add many garments to their wardrobe.

Overall, not excessive for my first week. Though, I do plan on trying to start saving and trying to work more. Stay tuned for some progress and ideas,


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