Week 2: Makeup Obsessed


(Pictured: Jaclyn Hill; a US makeup artist and YouTube sensation)


(Pictured: Ciate London Glitter Flip Liquid Lipstick Line)

This week I’ve been addicted to the beauty portion of the retail industry. I invested both of these products for numerous reasons, but I understand many of you need a little background to these purchases. So here it is:

I’ve been watching YouTube videos since I was 12, and makeup tutorials on YouTube since I was 16. One of the people whom I have fo

llowed since my beginning in make up is Jaclyn Hill. She got her start on the internet my making videos reviewing products and creating tutorials of gorgeous makeup looks, for all occasions. Recently, Jaclyn paired up with one of my favorite makeup brands, Morphe. Murphe is a California based cosmetics

company well known for their eye products and brushes. Jaclyn and Morphe created an eyeshadow palette together , which they debuted very successfully this summer. They’ve restocked the product about 4 or 5 times, and guys…. I FINALLY GOT ONE ($48 with shipping)! The product has 35 gorgeous shades and I could not be more excited to be getting in the mail this next week.


My next makeup obsession has been going viral all over Instagram and other beauty social media platforms. Known as a magical makeup product, Ciate London’s Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks are exactly what their name would lead youth believe. This lipstick goes on with a slightly shimmery hue, then after it dries, the wearer pressed their lips together and GLITTER appears. I’ve seen multiple makeup reviews on this product (Yes, on YouTube) and decided I must have it. Guys, I’m not kidding when I say it took me absolutely forever to track this stuff down. It is available at Sephora and I called 3 different locations, talked to 8 different people, and waited on the phone for 30 minutes total to find out it was SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE…. I even looked online to find my desired shade to be sold out. I didn’t know if I would be able to own this product at all. But alas, I called Sephora in Springfield, IL, and they said they had a few but only one in my shade (Hollywood, $20).


It has been a pretty exciting week as I have wanted these products for months. Now that I finally have them, I’ll get to enjoy them for way longer than that.

Who knows, I might update this post with a makeup look using both products!

Until then, I’ll see you guys next Tuesday,


Week 1: Bid Night Buys

This week was bid night for Greek life at ISU! As a Chi Omega getting new members, I knew I had to be prepared. I bought most of this outfit for the occasion. The only thing own prior was the pajama pants; the owl slippers ($10), the sleep mask ($3), the bid night shirt ($15), and not pictured is the owl slippers I bought for one of our new members ($10).

Bid night for ISU involves themes making it essiential to buy new things to contribute to the theme. Proceeding bid night was recruitment, which also required purchasing a few items. I bought a new dress to wear throughout the week, but I only bought one. Though some people bought multiple dresses, I was lucky enough to have friends whom lent me pieces.

Though I spent a bit of money, I could have definitely spent more. Being a week long, recruitment is a circumstance where many people go all out, and add many garments to their wardrobe.

Overall, not excessive for my first week. Though, I do plan on trying to start saving and trying to work more. Stay tuned for some progress and ideas,


An Inside Look to My Shopping Habits

Come one, come all!1573-1080

Welcome to my blog; more specifically, my shopping addiction. One word to describe my consumer habits: unhealthy. This blog is an inside look into my personal life, fun purchases, and frivolous spending. Hopefully, at the end of this 14 week process, I can reel my spending into the category of under control. The first few weeks of this process will just be a general documentation of consumer habits. Then we will move into the cold turkey period; that’s right, NO SHOPPING. No exaggeration, this could be the hardest thing I ever do. I maintain optimism for success… but we’ll see how this goes. Then, the final stage of this process includes conscious spending. A lot of renovating fashion and vintage shopping will be done in these weeks. Some exciting activity is happening this fall semester folks, so stay tuned for some great buys, some hardships, and some DIY’s.

Until next time,


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